As the CAE in Cybersecurity Community expands, the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity Program Management Office (NCAE-C PMO) would like to share marketing and promotional materials to help maintain a consistent voice about the program.

Please feel free to use any/all of these materials at your discretion. We will aim to update these as regularly as possible, but please be mindful of the dates listed on the material.

Program Book

In honor of the 24th anniversary of the CAE program, the NCAE-C PMO published the latest edition of the Program Book, which includes information about the NCAE-C program and it's construct, as well as information from each NCAE-C designated school.

Download the Program Book 2024 Edition (PDF, 24.9 MB).

NCAE-C Initiative Guide 2022

This guide to National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity grants initiatives provides a summary of the programs and initiatives made possible by Congressional funding add-ons provided in FY2020. The NCAE-C program has long cultivated K12 outreach, faculty professional development, cybersecurity research, and other academic programs. For the first time this year, participating schools were asked to form coalitions and partnerships around specific initiative topics. As a result, there is an unprecedented excitement and energy in the CAE in Cybersecurity Community undertaking challenging and innovative programs to support cybersecurity education across the nation. Federal partners and CAE-C academic institutions are invited to contact program managers and initiative leads provided in this document in the interest of collaboration and reduction of duplications of effort.

Download the NCAE-C Initiative Guide 2022 (PDF, 653 KB).

Overview Handout

The NCAE-C PMO has developed an overview handout that discusses the three program designations (Cyber Defense, Cyber Operations, Cyber Research) and program highlights.

Download the Overview Handout 2022 (PDF, 372 KB).

NCAE-C Videos

The NCAE-C PMO, in concert with NSA Public Affairs, put together a series of short promotional videos about the NCAE-C program. Please feel free to use widely.