CAE in Cybersecurity Community Website Privacy Policy

The CAE Community website administration is committed to protecting the privacy of the users that visit, or otherwise utilize, the CAE Community website. We do not collect personal information that is not volunteered by the user. The CAE Community website administration is the sole owner of all information collected on the site. We do not sell, share, or otherwise redistribute user information in any way not mentioned in this statement.

Information collected during user registration is used in the following ways:

The CAE Community website is intended to be a hub that facilitates the sharing of information and resources among members, and prospective members, of the community. Due to the nature of the content that is submitted to the site, users should avoid volunteering sensitive information while drafting content to be submitted for review. Unless otherwise stated, information collected during content creation becomes publicly available once the content has undergone its corresponding moderation workflow. 

The CAE Community website does not use non-expiring persistent cookies. The CAE Community website does use session cookies, with a set expiration date, to identify authenticated users and grant/deny them access to site features that require specific account privileges.

If you have any questions or comments about the information presented here, please reach out to us at or calling us at 1-909-537-7535.