STARTALK - K3I3C3 @ City University
Posted on 13 Dec 2022 11:03 AM

CityU is recruiting 30 students for National Security Agency (NSA) STARTALK’s Korean 
language/technology camp starting now through March 2023. Morgan Zantua, director of CityU’s 
Cybersecurity Innovation Center, said, “We are thrilled to provide Korean Language Learners 
and Heritage Korean students scholarships for 30 college credits to enhance their language 
skills and learn technology in Korean. Career opportunities combining language and tech
provide opportunities in the Washington National Guard, government careers, and the private 
sector increase your value in today’s marketplace.”
The CityU Korean Innovative Interactive Immersive Culture Cybersecurity Camp (K-I
3C3) combines intermediate Korean language instruction and culture with Cybersecurity and 
Programming Basics. STREAM (Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) + Arts + 
Recreation) is the foundation to a yearlong, 330 hours of synchronous and asynchronous 
college-level innovative instruction taught before (100 hours) during (80 hours) and after (150 
hours) the two-week immersive commuter summer camp. Six university courses provide (20 
credits for the Korean language + 10 credits for Cybersecurity and Computer Programming 
Basics. Thirty full scholarships are available to Running Start High School students and students 
in their 13th and 14th-years in college, living in Washington.

Opportunities to qualified students living in the Pacific Northwest are available.