Grants and Initiatives Survey
Posted on 15 Nov 2021 4:58 PM

We are seeking community input regarding NCAE-C grants initiatives that address four primary imperatives:  Quality and Efficacy, Competency Development, Cybersecurity College and Career Awareness Pathways, and Cybersecurity Workforce Development.

  • Quality and Efficacy of the NCAE-C program includes those initiatives that review, revise and update requirements and criteria and expand faculty knowledge and skills.  These currently include the CAE Community, the Candidates and Peer Review programs, the Curriculum Task Force, CLARK and CARD, Faculty Development and Knowledge Unit Management.
  • Competency Development initiatives are intended to support development of student and faculty competencies so that students are prepared for employers’ requirements and expectations.  These currently include the Evidencing Competency, Regional Exercises, Virtual Internships, Competitions, NICE Challenge and INSuRE initiatives.

  • Cybersecurity College and Career Awareness Pathways initiatives are designed to engage, inspire and prepare secondary students for college programs and careers, and to provide them resources to develop the professional careers.  These initiatives acknowledge the need to reach youth early enough in their education journey to raise awareness, teach best cyber hygiene, inspire the possibility of a career in cybersecurity, and lay the foundation for post-secondary education.  These programs aim to reach into every population, every region of the nation, where talent and potential are untapped and undeveloped, with priority to home schooled, rural and underserved populations.  These currently include Teacher Development, 8-12 Pipeline, Collaboration with State Governments, and Student Development Resources.

  • Cybersecurity Workforce Development initiatives are focused on producing cybersecurity professionals, and on building communities where government, industry and academia work together to define business and government cybersecurity processes that effectively protect national security and healthy economy.  These initiatives can then integrate educational programs that upskill and prepare transitioning military, first responders and others to advance their careers in support of those communities.  These currently include the Workforce Development Programs and Community Development and Outreach.

Please click this link to respond to the above prompts based on your participation in the Grants and Initiatives Meeting on November 15-16, 2021. 

Thank you for your time!