Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week Poster Contest
Careers in Cybersecurity Poster Contest
Posted on 05 Oct 2021 7:04 AM

Do you know of any creative students that might be interested in having an artistic, informative poster of theirs featured in a comic book and showcased at a national level, with the opportunity to win money? 

In support of Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, Cyber Hero Network and Fortinet are hosting a 2021 CAREERS IN CYBERSECURITY POSTER CONTEST - an opportunity for youth to design a poster to inspire and promote awareness of the exploration of cybersecurity careers. 

The mission: for students to use their creative superpowers showing all the amazing things that a cybersecurity defender can do for the Digital Universe by drawing a picture of a cybersecurity worker that shows what they know about cybersecurity and their work to help answer the question: What does a cybersecurity worker look like?

For more information and guidelines for the contest, see the attachment, or go HERE.

Students must submit their posters by November 12.