Rail Cybersecurity
Event Begins and Ends Posted 29 Apr 2022 6:44 AM

Let’s Work To Together To Ensure Our Infrastructure Resiliency

     The Cyber Senate 2nd annual Rail Cybersecurity Summit USA will address the railways “Detect, Respond and Recover,” initiatives, the government’s new security directives, impacts and implementation, the growing dependence of the “Internet of Rail,” our inherent vulnerabilities created in the design of these “system of systems” and how the sector can mitigate risk and respond appropriately.
Attendees will hear insight on how manufacturers are securing rolling stock by design (locomotives and freight), standards and attack frameworks, the challenges of IoT proliferation, predictive maintenance and the maturing of endpoint detection. Furthermore, we will dig deeper into areas such as cloud monitoring, identifying critical assets and managing blind spots, the convergence of IT and OT, remote access security, potential impacts on safety, governance, supply chain, ransomware and how we can operationalise intelligence to mitigate threats and enhance organisational efficiency.