NICE Webinar: Top Ten Ways to Discover a Cybersecurity Career That Is Right for You
Event Begins and Ends Posted 02 Feb 2021 1:42 PM


How do you discover a career in cybersecurity?  How do you prepare?  How do you qualify?  How do you demonstrate your capabilities?  How you grow and develop your skills over time?  This webinar is targeted to learners, including students and job seekers, and those who coach and advise them on how to get that first job in cybersecurity or advance in your career.  We will use a fun, light-hearted approach to reveal some of the time-tested approaches and techniques as well as emerging concepts for helping to increase connections and fit between employers and learners.


Dr. Gerald Auger
Cybersecurity Architect
Medical University of South Carolina

Timothy Desir
2021 NIST Professional Research Experience Program (PREP)
Montgomery College

Charissa Kim
Cyber Youth Tech (CyTech)

Alyssa Miller
Business Information Security Officer
S&P Global Ratings