National Cyber League - NCL Spring 2022 Registration
Event Begins and Ends Posted 11 Mar 2022 11:21 AM

NCL CyberSkyline

The National Cyber League (NCL) prepares and supports students in their cybersecurity career pathways by providing a fun and meaningful learning experience. The NCL Games provide students with hands-on experience solving real-world cybersecurity challenges where they can apply their academic learning with industry application. Students will perform exciting tasks such as auditing vulnerable websites, identifying breaches from forensic data, and more! Whether they are pursuing their first internship or a gateway-job in cybersecurity, the individualized NCL Scouting Report will detail their cyber abilities to employers, a unique and highly-sought after way to stand out from other applicants. Your students will excel in Cyber in relevant and impactful ways - share this opportunity with them today! NCL Fall 2022 registration is currently open and regular-rate registration closes on October 6. Sign up today! Late Registration: October 7 - 11th.