Cybersecurity Distinguished Lecturer Series – Join Us!
Event Begins and Ends Posted 02 Feb 2022 12:04 PM

Join Professor Elisa Bertino, Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, to discuss: Security of 4G and 5G Cellular Networks

 Friday, February 11th, 11am – 1pm MT

Virtual – REGISTER HERE for the Zoom

1 hour of presentation followed by Q&A and discussion

 Abstract: As the world moves to 4G & 5G cellular networks, security & privacy are of paramount importance, & new tools are needed to ensure them. For ex., LTEInspector is a model-based testing approach combining a symbolic model checker & cryptographic protocol verifier in the symbolic attacker model. Using it, researchers have uncovered 10 new attacks along with 9 prior attacks, categorized into 3 abstract classes (i.e., security, user privacy, and disruption of service) in 3 procedures of 4G LTE. Notable findings is the authentication relay attack that enables an adversary to spoof the location of a legitimate user to the core network without possessing appropriate credentials. To ensure the exposed attacks pose real threats & are indeed realizable in practice, 8 of 10 new attacks have been validated, & their accompanying adversarial assumptions have been put through a real testbed. Ongoing work in addressing some of those vulnerabilities points the way toward further research.

 Bio: Elisa Bertino is professor of Computer Science at Purdue University. Prior to joining Purdue, she was a professor and department head at the Department of Computer Science and Communication of the University of Milan. She has been a visiting researcher at the IBM Research Laboratory in San Jose (now Almaden), at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, at Rutgers University, at Telcordia Technologies. She has also held visiting professor positions at the Singapore National University and the Singapore Management University.  Her main research interests include security, privacy, database systems, distributed systems, and sensor networks. Her recent research focuses on cybersecurity and privacy of cellular networks and IoT systems, and on edge analytics for cybersecurity.  Elisa Bertino is a Fellow member of IEEE, ACM, and AAAS. She received the 2002 IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award for “For outstanding contributions to database systems and database security and advanced data management systems”, the 2005 IEEE Computer Society Tsutomu Kanai Award for “Pioneering and innovative research contributions to secure distributed systems”, and the 2019-2020 ACM Athena Lecturer Award.

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