Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE)
Event Begins and Ends Posted 20 Feb 2019 1:15 PM

As you all know, the CAE-CD Program turns 20 this year! Since 1999, we have been designating institutions in an effort to reduce vulnerabilities in our national infrastructure. Through the years, the CAE Program Management Office has undergone many enhancements in order to keep up with the cyber landscape.

In honor of our anniversary, we thought it would be a great opportunity to “go back to our roots” and rejoin the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) Conference. CISSE provides government, industry, and academia with a forum to discuss ways to work together to define current and emerging requirements for information assurance education and to influence the development and expansion of information assurance curricula.

CISSE’s ideals tie together with the vision of the CAE program, which is why we thought it fitting to celebrate this momentous anniversary alongside it.

This year’s symposium will be held on 10-12 June in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re interested, you can register here:

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via For specific questions about the event, please contact

Looking forward to seeing you there!