CAE-CD Meet Your Cyber Competition Initiative - Feb 2024
Event Begins 13 Feb 2024 2:00 PM EST and Ends 13 Feb 2024 3:00 PM EST Posted 30 Jan 2024 10:38 AM
CAE-CD Meet Your Cyber Competition Initiative

CAE-CD Meet Your Cyber Competition Initiative

The “CAE-CD Student Competitions and CTFs” initiative is co-chaired by:
- Daniel P. Manson - Norwich University
- Jake Mihevc - Mohawk Valley Community College

The purpose of the CAE-CD Meet Your Cyber Competition initiative is to conduct the monthly events during Fall and Winter/Spring terms as well as to promote to the CAE Community relevant student competitions and CTFs activities.  

Upcoming Event: Tuesday, February 13, 2024

The next monthly 'Meet Your Cyber Competition' event will take place on Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024 at 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12MT and 11PT. With planned agenda of:

Hope you can join us!

Registration link: (Only those using their .edu email to register and are from a current CAE (CD, CO, and/or R) or part of the CAE Program Development or Application Assistance will be considered. Do not use gmail!). Vendor ensure to get prior approval from the initiative co-chairs for registration. 

CAE Community YouTube Channel (for archived events - see below for agendas):

Vendors Interested in presenting their cyber competition in future events?

Please contact Daniel P. Manson via dmanson1 [at] or Jake Mihevc via jmihevc [at] if you are interested in presenting your cyber competition. Please provide as much information about the upcoming competition and opportunities for CAE-CD institutions to take part in the event for consideration.