Aviation ISAC Collegiate CTF Competition
Event Begins and Ends Posted 14 Sep 2021 2:57 PM

Get Your A-Game for Defending the Airframe and Your Air-Port Scanning Skills in this Competition!

Terminus airport is in chaos again due to cyberattacks! Airline kiosks, backend servers, terminal flight information displays, transportation security, runway lights, aircraft, and other critical systems at this tier-1 airport have been compromised by some hackers. There are indicators some airport insiders may have colluded with the hackers! It’s up to you, the cyber defender, to participate and help resolve the situation! You have to research and investigate this crisis and regain control of the Terminus and its airspace. From collecting evidence (and flags) to restoring compromised assets and assisting impacted stakeholders, the clock is ticking! It’s time to apply everything you know about cybersecurity (e.g., password cracking, log and network traffic analysis, computer forensics, malware analysis, and ethical hacking); intelligence (e.g., OSINT, machine learning); and, aviation (e.g., crew, avionics, drones, air traffic control, airline operations, security screening, airport information systems, and aviation cyber-physical systems) to help the Terminus return to normal operations. You have been given full authority to do whatever it takes to catch the hackers, seize back control of the airport, and restore aviation operations. Good luck, defenders!


1st Place: $2,100 USD

$700 USD per student

2nd Place: $1,500 USD

$500 USD per student

3rd Place: $900 USD

$300 USD per student


Must be a college or university student to participate in the Aviation ISAC Collegiate CTF Competition. Team size should be 3 students. More than one team from a college/university can participate.