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Program of Study / CAE Designation Checklist

Institutions wishing to earn the Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CD) Designation for a particular program of study will apply in two parts.   

Part 1: Program of Study (PoS) Validation:  The process will begin with the submission of elements pertaining to the academic program of study. Elements include: curriculum, student and faculty profiles and your institution's continuous improvement plan. Institutions must successfully validate one program of study before moving on to the CAE designation application.  An institution can submit multiple cyber defense programs of study validation applications (one per submission cycle).   

Part 2: CAE Designation:  Once one program of study has been validated, the institution may pursue a designation. To be eligible for designation, the academic institutions must hold a current regional accreditation as outlined by the Department of Education (https://www.ed.gov/accreditation). Institutions are restricted to one CAE-CD application per institution.
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Is your institution pursuing re-designation?
Is your institution validating an additional program of study?
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Program of Study / CAE Designation Checklist

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Point of Contact (POC) Information

NOTE: The POC must be a full-time faculty member of the institution directly involved with the representative academic program. This will be the person who will be contacted by the PMO and/or the National Centers for all NCAE-C program updates, grants and scholarship opportunities, upcoming events, and other administrative communications.  This person is responsible for the Annual Report, Re-designation, and any other important milestones in the institution’s NCAE-C participation.

Point of Contact (POC) Mailing Address
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Note: The Alternate POC must be a full-time employee of the institution associated with the Designation and PoS.  

Secondary Point of Contact (POC) Mailing Address
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