CAE-CD New and Early-Career Faculty Members

CAE-CD New and Early-Career Faculty Members Initiative

The “New and Early-Career Faculty Members” Initiative is co-chaired by:
- Gretchen Bliss, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)
- Paige Zaleppa, Towson University

The aim of this CAE-CD initiative is to engage new and early-career faculty members, bringing their voices to the CAE Community. It will provide monthly workshops for new and early career faculty members to learn more about CAE Community initiatives related to hands-on learning to increase the quality of classroom instruction. This will be accomplished by conducting outreach to CAE POCs to solicit involvement from their new and young faculty (via CAE Community newsletter and PMO notifications), listening to the needs of those faculty members, and developing monthly workshops to support their exploration and application of tools and resources to strengthen the cybersecurity offerings at CAE institutions. 

 Initiative Committee Members: 
- Blair Taylor, Towson University
- Terri Johnson Akse, University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)
- Pam Schmelz, Ivy Tech Community College
- Zoe L. Fowler, Norwich University
- Rene Tejon, Nova Southeastern University
- Anthony Pinto, University of West Florida
- Litany Lineberry, Mississippi State University
- Luis Alberto Tatis Morales Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico – San Juan
- Deveshree Nayak, University of Washington
- Thomas Hill, Montreat College 
- Manghui (Michael) Tu, Purdue University Northwest
- Michael Franz, Towson University
- Satchit Hegde, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
- Michael Burt

***NEW: Upcoming Workshops ***

Registration link:

All sessions will be via Zoom, including a Zoom line for the April in-person if we can get it to work...

Only those using their .edu email to register and are from a current CAE (CD, CO, and/or R) or part of the CAE Program Development or Application Assistance will be considered. Do not use Gmail!


Friday - 16 Feb, 2024 - Networking, YouTube Link:

              Terri Johnson-Akse - University of Colorado Colorado Springs

              Carmela Gonzales - George Washington University

              Kevin Lann-Teubner - Butler Community College

Friday - 8 Mar, 2024 -  LINUX

              Litany Lineberry – Mississippi State University

              Pam Schmelz – Ivy Technical Community College

Friday - 22 Mar, 2024 – PenTesting

              Nahla Al Hamad – Union College of Union County New Jersey

              Satch Hegde – New Jersey Institute of Technology

TBD, possibly 17 or 18 April, 2024 - Forensics (in person at the CAE Community Meeting)

              Michel Tu – Purdue Northwest

              Luis A. Tatis Morales - Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Friday 17 May, 2024 - Intro to Cybersecurity

              Michael Franz – Towson University 

              Anthony Pinto – University of Western Florida



Updated: February 16, 2024