Building a Diverse Workforce in Cybersecurity
Event Begins and Ends Posted 20 Oct 2021 4:44 PM

Fri., Oct. 22 @ 10 a.m. ET – Building a Diverse Workforce in Cybersecurity
Presented by Bindu Sundaresan, Director, AT&T Cybersecurity
Hosted by the School of Computing and Information at the University of Pittsburgh

My personal journey in cyber: Cybersecurity drew me in as an exciting field where my desire to continuously learn, interest and fascination in tech, as well as my passion for diversity and inclusion merged. I wanted to be a part of an industry where I could make a difference in advancing tech and security and revolutionize the field by bringing a diversification of demographics, skill sets, and walk of life. In this talk, we will explore and demystify some of the existing preconceptions of a cyber career related to the reputation of cyber jobs. We will discuss potential inhibitors, work-life balance, and the presence of fewer women leaders represented in cyber. We will also get into some areas that promote better gender diversity in cyberspace:
   • Ensuring equal pay between men and women
   • Providing workplace flexibility
   • Fostering a family-friendly culture
   • Ensuring that an organization’s environment is one where women feel comfortable being their authentic selves

Addressing the skillset shortage, building a better pipeline of female talent, and working with educational institutions to make cybersecurity development programs part of the curriculum are some quick wins we can accomplish to help nurture the path for women in cyber. I will also give some tips on how we can create a supportive space for women to grow together. As women in cyber, we can act as ambassadors who guide students on career opportunities and share our experiences.