8th Annual Hot Topics in the Science of Security (HoTSoS) Symposium CALL for PAPERS
Event Begins and Ends Posted 21 Jan 2021 1:35 PM

8th Annual Hot Topics in the Science of Security

The 8th annual HoTSoS event will be held virtually hosted by
The National Security Agency

April 13-15, 2021

HoTSoS is a research event centered on the Science of Security, which aims to address the fundamental problems of security in a principled manner. 

HotSoS brings together researchers from diverse disciplines to promote advancement of work related to the science of security. The 8th Symposium continues the series’ emphasis on cyber-security with a strong methodology and scientific rigor. This symposium solicits presentations of already published work in security and privacy, particularly that which examines the scientific foundations of trustworthy systems. In addition to these presentations, the symposium solicits work in progress papers for discussion, presentations of student research projects, and research posters. The program will also include invited talks and panels. The poster session will be highlighted by a poster competition.

More details are available in the full Call for Papers or visit our website.

The Science of Security (SoS) emphasizes the advancement of research methods as well as the development of new research results. This dual focus is intended to improve both the confidence we gain from scientific results and also the capacity and efficiency through which we address increasingly technical problems.


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