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NIETP Common Security Warnings & Site Access Errors

The CAE in Cyber Defense Program is currently undergoing a review and update of the application process. Input is being solicited from all CAE-CD designated institutions to inform this evolution. After input from all designated institutions is compiled, a detailed process will be presented. As a result of this evolution, 2020 CAE-CD re-designating schools will automatically be given a no-lapse extension of at least one-year. Re-designating CAE-Rs will still need to submit an application for re-designation.

New applicants and schools in the Candidates Program will follow directions from the CAE Candidates Program National Center as to how and when to apply. New applicants should complete the Applicant Checklist as per usual. Any new schools wishing to apply as a CAE-R should contact the NCAE-C Program Management Office at

Are you getting a site certificate error when trying to access This web site uses SSL protection to help secure our content. Access to these areas require that a site security certificate is loaded into your browser. There are two ways to avoid site certificate error messages:


While adding an exception is the faster, easier process, you might have to repeat the process for multiple protected DoD web sites. Importing the DoD Root CA 3 Certificate will take about 2 minutes, but it is the more thorough solution. You should only have to import it once per browser. You may see some other messages, usually alerts, rather than error messages, even when everything is installed correctly.

Other Common Error Messages

If you enter the site URL starting with http, instead of https, or if the page you're coming from had a URL starting with http and the link to the secure site was coded with a relative link, you may see a security warning. Select Yes to proceed.

When opening the site in IE, you may be asked to confirm that it's OK to go to a secure site. You may then have to identify your certificate. You may also encounter a series of prompts. On the first screen, select Continue to this website. On the following screens, select Yes or OK as prompted.